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Design Deliverables (key features of electronic development)

1. Make sure your intellectual property and commercial confidentiality are protected. Use of a non-disclosure agreement is the best way to do this and make sure you have made an application for a patent filed (if appropriate). JonJu Tech recommends you take the advice of a qualified patent attorney (

2. A technical specification

3. Project manage every phase of the process.

4. Design calculations and notes (ensuring another engineer could re-develop it)

5. Schematics of electronic development circuits

6. Mechanical drawings of enclosures and fittings

7. BOM (full bill of materials)

8. Manufacturing CAD files (gerbers, nc drilling etc.). So that it can be manufactured anywhere.

9. Copies of any relevant assembly instructions

10. Copies of any relevant user/service instructions

11. Copies of source code if using programmable devices such as a microcontroller (this is what the (firmware or software) programmer writes in – a sort of pseudo English.) This will enable you to modify the logic of your device by re-programmng. Without it, you will not be able to modify the program.

12. Copies of object code if using programmable devices such as a microcontroller. This will allow you to program production devices with your code – even if you don’t have the source code.

13. Details of programming platforms used. Some common examples are (MPLAB IDE, Visual Studio)

14. Make sure (ask to be shown it) that the consultant has extensively commented the source code.

15. Ask for software/firmware documentation – flow charts, state diagrams.

16. Ask for all of the above as soon as they are done.

17. Visit the site of production and insist the device is powered and all its functions shown to you before taking delivery (functions defined in tech spec).

18. There is more but this should help.


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