Electronics Product Development

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Electronics Product Development

De-mystified development



Sometimes it is necessary to experimentally verify that a design approach is practical - to avoid a costly development launch only to find there is a flaw in the method.


Keys to prototyping: it always takes more than one go at prototype manufacture to make a succesful product; FF (fail fast) is usually cheaper and quicker than RFT (right first time - myth); manufacture proper PCBs - it is cheap these days

Production Engineering

Prototype to production - an oft overlooked phase, but the right suppliers, a good quality plan, and a thorough approach to design for manufacturing does much to smooth the proceess

Beta Trials

Testing a control sample of clients ensures satisfaction for the many when the floodgates open

Ongoing Engineering Support

There are always reasons for design resource to be available even when a product has been sold for years.

Projects Portfolio

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De-mystified Development Process

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Have a look at our no 'smoke and mirrors' development policy

Quibble Free Development

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We don't quibble over changes during the development process, even if unforseen. Contact us to learn about our Quibble Free Policy